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Saturday, June 29, 2013

About Us

Progress in Our Precincts is a project of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress.

We organize to develop and maintain an ongoing grassroots political / electoral infrastructure to win elections at the precinct level. We aim to organize in our precincts for progressive candidates and issues.

The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country. People engaging and educating their neighbors in their precinct and making sure they get out to vote is a proven, effective and efficient means of counteracting the status quo of big money and corporate domination of our elections. Along the way, we have the capacity to reach more and more voters, precinct by precinct, and the ability to make true Progress in Our Precincts.

For more information about Progress in Our Precincts, please look here.


About the Coalition for Grassroots Progress

The Coalition for Grassroots Progress is an independent community-based political action committee for progressive change that has evolved out of the 2012 Solomon for Congress Campaign.

We believe in government of, by and for people –– not of, by and for corporations.

The power of Wall Street is undermining life for the rest of us on Main Street. This is totally unacceptable. We will continue to work for a truly democratic and sustainable future. We need to create millions of green jobs, end the tax cuts for the wealthy, close corporate tax loopholes, implement a transaction tax on stock markets and cut the overblown military budget that fuels endless wars.

Corporate power is fundamental to what ails our country. Unless civic engagement and government action are able to restrain their quest to maximize profits, the large corporations are accountable only to investors. The remedy is genuine democracy.

It’s not possible to map out a plausible path toward a green, sustainable future without directly challenging corporate power. Ominous climate change is a clear and terrible consequence of corporate dominance and government inaction. We cannot, we must not, accept the idea of “corporate personhood” that allows large companies to ravage the earth while further enriching the already rich.

The U.S. military -- the most polluting institution on the planet -- represents an apex of destructive technologies. If we don’t reorder our priorities, their cascading effects will be horrendous for future generations and, overall, for life on Earth.

As we work for social justice, for protection of nature, for human rights, for civil liberties, for peace, we’re giving voice to our common human spirit.

Looking ahead, we can organize to create and sustain multi-year, coordinated efforts to boost grassroots capacities -- and elect genuine progressives in the process.

To overcome a status quo of perpetual war, extreme Wall Street power, chronic inequities and environmental degradation, we will keep working for peace, social justice, a healthy planet -- and genuine democracy.

The imperative to create a better world continues.  Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Our challenge is to do all we can to hasten the process.


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