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Monday, February 6, 2017

Let’s stop Trump

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
February 7, 2017                                                 

One of the most powerful things you can do right now is to join the call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

In just two steps, you can add your voice:

• Call your member of Congress and ask them to introduce an impeachment resolution to remove Trump from the office of President.
• Join more than half a million people who have signed the petition for impeachment at this new website:


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

You made a difference. Now about nuclear madness…

Coalition for Grassroots Progress               
February 18, 2017


Earlier this month, many Marin and Sonoma County progressives traveled to San Rafael to vote for the Coalition for Grassroots Progress slate of candidates running to represent Assembly District 10 on the California Democratic Central Committee. Thanks to a high turnout of progressives, the slate won every available seat in that election. 

After the deeply alarming results of the presidential election, the Democratic Party is at a crossroads, and our new delegates are eager to return the party to its roots as the party of the people. Look here to see the names of the delegates representing us at the state Democratic Party level for the next two years.

Here’s a big thank-you to everyone who came out to vote for our new California State Democratic Central Committee representatives!

We’re not relaxing after that success; there is no time to waste. We are getting to work, both within the Democratic Party and outside on the streets, to confront the many threats we face with the incoming President and his administration.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Turning outrage into action on Sunday, January 8

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
December 20, 2016


In the alarming aftermath of the November election, the Democratic Party is at a crossroads. Will it continue to be the party of the elite, or will it become the party of the people?

You have an opportunity to help California Democrats chart a new course for the next two years. On January 8th, Assembly District 10 will elect seven men and seven women as delegates to the California Democratic Central Committee, and you can vote for our slate of grassroots candidates with strong progressive principles that reflect the values of “we the people.”


Monday, September 19, 2016

CGP endorses strong progressive leaders


This November, voters in the Bay Area and beyond have clear choices. Some candidates are funded by the corporate establishment, and some are supported by labor and environmentalists -- and people like you and me.

Our environment, our privacy, our healthcare, and our Constitution are under relentless assault from corporate “business as usual” legislators -- and the time is now to elect candidates who will defend us in those crucial realms. After careful assessments, the Coalition for Grassroots Progress has made endorsements in these crucial races:


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Fight Goes On – with platform deadline June 18

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
June 15, 2016                                              

You can help make a difference at the Democratic National Convention by fighting for a progressive platform.

Even if you’re not attending, you can send a message to the Democratic Party that Bernie's message, our message, and our progressive movement must be heard.

Submissions received by June 18 will be considered, so please take action now! You can submit your comments here .


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