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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Civil liberties alert: Hope to see you Saturday

     If you’ve seen the news about NSA surveillance, you know that our precious civil liberties are under threat.

     We have an opportunity in the North Bay this coming Saturday to tell the entire country that it’s unacceptable to violate the requirements of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments for a free press, privacy and due process.

     The most powerful supporter of the NSA surveillance program among House Democrats is the House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi. As the Associated Press reported in late June, Pelosi “has disappointed some of her liberal base with her defense of the Obama administration’s classified surveillance of U.S. residents’ phone and Internet records.”

     You’re invited to our gathering on the afternoon of July 13 in the Marin County town of Belvedere (not far off 101), near a $2,000-to-$32,400 per-couple Democratic Party special reception fundraiser where Pelosi will be the honored guest.

    At our free event we have an opportunity to present a markedly difference perspective. We’ll be hearing from civil liberties attorneys, policy analysts, community leaders and activists. We will peaceably insist that it’s unacceptable for the government to target the telephone records of journalists, or to vacuum up the phone-call records of hundreds of millions of Americans, or to capture and store everyone’s emails, or to jettison centuries-long principles of due process and habeas corpus.

    Hope to see you there!

LOCATION: The intersection of Golden Gate Avenue and Eucalyptus Road in Belvedere. For directions, go to Google Maps and type in “Eucalyptus Road, Belvedere, CA 94920.” (A few hundred feet before Eucalyptus Road, you’ll see monitors who can guide you to easy parking on Britton Avenue.)

TIME: On Saturday, July 13, we’ll gather at 1 pm and begin informational picketing at 1:30 pm. Speeches will start at 2 pm, and picketing will continue.

Speakers at the picket line will include a former president and current secretary of the ACLU in Marin County, Bob Harmon; the Northern California vice chair of the California Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus and president of the Sonoma County Latino Democratic Club, Caroline Banuelos; Santa Rosa City Council member Julie Combs; and Fairfax mayor and attorney Lawrence Bragman. Also speaking will be two co-chairs of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress: Alice Chan, who is a co-leader of Progressive Democrats Sonoma County and a delegate to the California Democratic Central Committee, and author/activist Norman Solomon.

     For background on why protests like ours are so needed, please click here to read an op-ed article by Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg that the Washington Post published on July 7.

     The American Civil Liberties Union has condemned the ongoing NSA surveillance program as “massive spying on the American people.” The ACLU wisely urges “a strong public outcry” against it.

     Together, on Saturday, let’s make a difference for civil liberties by helping to create “a strong public outcry” in defense of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Best wishes,
  Alice Chan
  Anna Givens
  Jim Mastin
  Norman Solomon

Co-Chairs, Coalition for Grassroots Progress


Please share this information about our event with people you know in the area who also want to protect our civil liberties.