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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coalition for Grassroots Progress Endorses

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
February 5, 2016                                                     

The Coalition for Grassroots Progress is pleased to announce our endorsements in several key races of the upcoming 2016 election season.

These endorsements are based on assessments of which candidates will defend the public interest in crucial matters such as the environment, privacy, healthcare, constitutional rights and the common good.

CGP has endorsed these candidates:

Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders continues to get the short end of the stick in corporate media coverage; at first they ignored him, and now as they watch his success, they react with skepticism and excuses for why it won’t last. It’s grassroots support across the country, like our 100 Door-Knocks for Bernie campaign, that are contributing to his unforeseen success in the primaries and caucuses. Go Bernie!

Jamie Raskin for Congress, in Maryland’s 8th District

Norman Solomon recently wrote this about Jamie Raskin: “Routinely, when congressional seats open up, the genuine progressive candidates can’t win and the candidates who can win aren’t really progressives. Jamie Raskin is a rare combination; after decades of fighting for progressive change, he now has huge momentum in a race for Congress. No wonder corporate Democrats are eager to block him.”

Tim Canova for Congress, running to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Many of us are among the more than 33,000 signers of RootsAction’s recent petition calling for Wasserman Schultz’s removal as Chair of the DNC. Tim Canova is her very first primary challenger, a lawyer who was active in the Occupy movement as well as being an opponent of the Wall Street bailout, and a steadfast opponent of the Patriot Act for which Wasserman Schultz repeatedly voted. Let’s help Tim Canova unseat this incumbent!  

Noreen Evans for Sonoma County Supervisor, 5th District

During her political career over her years on the Santa Rosa City Council, as a member of the California Assembly, and as a member of the California State Senate, Noreen has always represented various parts of Sonoma County’s 5th District. She knows the important issues of the district and is committed to continuing to speak up in support of urban growth boundaries, protecting fisheries and rivers, addressing the growing problem of income and wealth disparities, promoting local and sustainable organic farms, and the challenges we face due to climate change.

Mike Wilson for Humboldt County Supervisor, 3rd District

Mike Wilson, currently an elected member of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District, is running for the seat that Supervisor Mark Lovelace will be vacating in 2017. During his tenure on the Humboldt Bay Commission, Mike has helped lead the restoration of wetlands and the clean-up of millions of gallons of toxic waste left by the Samoa pulp mill. It’s important that his views on the issues of the creation of living wage jobs and affordable housing, while protecting the environment, be represented on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Patrick Pekin for Superior Court Judge, Mendocino County

Very rarely do we have the opportunity to vote for a judicial candidate who wasn’t appointed to office by a California Governor. This is one of those opportunities. In his private practice, Pekin has focused on criminal defense, white collar crime, violent crime, and consumer protection. He brings with him a much-needed wide range of experience with the kinds of legal issues and challenges private citizens face.

Julie Combs, incumbent running for re-election on the Santa Rosa City Council

As a voice for progressives on the Santa Rosa City Council for the past four years, Julie has made homelessness and affordable housing one of her top issues, and calls for local jobs paying a living wage. In the wake of the shooting of Andy Lopez, she worked with then-Senator Noreen Evans on Evans’ “A Toy Should Look Like a Toy” legislation, strengthening controls on toy gun manufacturers. One of her top priorities is making Santa Rosa government open and transparent.


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