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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Congressman Huffman: Support the Iran Agreement

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
August 19, 2015                                       

You will probably be as surprised as we were to learn that Congressman Jared Huffman has not yet publicly said that he will support peace in the Middle East by voting “Yes” on the Iran nuclear arms agreement.

Let’s tell Congressman Huffman that it’s time to get off the fence and make a solid commitment to peace in the Middle East by voting yes on the Iran deal. Here’s a link for his constituents who want to email the Congressman with that message.

While he criticizes Republicans for opposing a diplomatic solution in Iran, and recognizes that the vote in Congress will be close, Congressman Huffman avoids making the commitment to join the fifty-four Democrats in the House who have said they’ll vote yes, or even the fourteen Democrats who are leaning towards a “yes” vote.

Email Congressman Huffman here to urge him to commit now to vote “yes” on the Iran agreement. If you’d prefer to call one of his offices, here are his office phone numbers.

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