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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Grassroots Progress for Bernie, and more!

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
March 4, 2016                                                     

For all of us, 2016 is an important election year -- when we’ll elect a new President, and some key races for Congress will be decided.

Our environment, our privacy, our healthcare, and our Constitution are under relentless assault from corporate “business as usual” legislators -- and the time is now to elect candidates who will defend us in those crucial realms.

No matter who our next President is, it’s crucial that he or she will have committed progressive leaders in Congress to work with.

After careful assessments, the Coalition for Grassroots Progress has endorsed:

 Bernie Sanders for President.

Jamie Raskin for Congress in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District.

Norman Solomon recently wrote this about Jamie Raskin: “Routinely, when congressional seats open up, the genuine progressive candidates can’t win and the candidates who can win aren’t really progressives. Jamie Raskin is a rare combination; after decades of fighting for progressive change, he now has huge momentum in a race for Congress. No wonder corporate Democrats are eager to block him.”

Tim Canova for Congress, running to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Many of us are among the more than 33,000 signers of RootsAction’s recent petition calling for Wasserman Schultz’s removal as Chair of the DNC. Tim Canova is her very first primary challenger, a lawyer who was active in the Occupy movement as well as being an opponent of the Wall Street bailout, and a steadfast opponent of the Patriot Act for which Wasserman Schultz repeatedly voted. Let’s help Tim Canova unseat this incumbent!

We urge you to visit the websites of these candidates and provide support in any way you can.

We’ve also endorsed several candidates in Northern California and statewide races. Look here for information on those races.

California’s June Primary election is approaching, and you can help California, which has the largest number of delegates to the Democratic National Convention, prepare for Bernie Sanders. Our “100 Door-knocks for Bernie” project is preparing for its second round of neighborhood voter contact, with new materials and neighborhood contact lists.

And this is where you can make a big difference -- by helping support the Coalition for Grassroots Progress precinct teams in Northern California.

Help CGP precinct teams  reach voters where and how it counts the most. At the door and by their neighbor.

* A donation of $30 will help us reach voters in an average-size precinct.

* A $60 contribution will help the voters in two precincts hear about strong, progressive candidates in important races.

* Just $5 will go a long way in augmenting other donations to reach our shared goals. Will you support our grassroots organizing for progressive candidates and issues?

Click here to answer Yes!

“Progress in Our Precincts” team members are volunteers committed to talking with their neighbors about the issues and candidates that can help move us forward.

Will you help us give them the tools they need? $5, $10, $30, $100 or any amount you can give , will be greatly appreciated.

Help us work for peace, social justice -- and genuine democracy. Support our grassroots organizing for progressive candidates and issues.

Please give generously by clicking here.

Thank you!

Anna and Alice for the Coalition for Grassroots Progress


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