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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It was too good to be true.

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
May 24, 2016                                                                   

Earlier this month, the Marin IJ said in an editorial that Congressman Jared Huffman had backpedaled on his long-standing superdelegate vote commitment to Hillary Clinton.

The editorial stated that Huffman would support the Democratic Party presidential candidate who won the majority of the votes in his congressional district in the June primary. They said he was smart to do so.

But it was too good to be true. The next day, Huffman asked them to make a correction; rather than voting the way his congressional district votes in the primary, he said that he will cast his superdelegate vote with the majority of the pledged delegates nationwide.

The corrected version of the editorial reads as follows: “Huffman now says he will vote for the candidate who wins the most pledged delegates after all the primaries and caucuses are over. It would have been more democratic if he had said he would back the candidate his district’s voters support in the June 7 primary.

Seeing the correction, an elected Bernie delegate from the Second Congressional District, Ruth Carter, immediately wrote this letter to the editor of the Marin IJ, expressing her disappointment:

“It was just too good to be true!

I was getting excited about the prospect of Representative Jared Huffman agreeing to vote according to the will of the people in our district, in his role as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention.

What had excited me was this news in the IJ's editorial Thursday : "Huffman ... June 7 primary."

But then I learned from his Facebook page that Congressman Huffman says he has not agreed to represent us after all. Evidently he wants to cast his superdelegate vote at the convention for Hillary Clinton no matter how our district votes.

It was indeed too good to be true.

As an elected Bernie Sanders delegate, I was hopeful that Huffman would be a true representative of the people in the Second Congressional District. Isn’t that what representation means – to be an agent or delegate for – us?

While Rep. Huffman says that he wants to do away with the superdelegate system, he could start by stating unequivocally that he stands for us – that as our district votes in the presidential nominating contest, so will he.

Dang. It was really too good to be true.”

Many of Huffman’s Facebook followers have expressed their disappointment on his Facebook page, too. Here are a few examples:

Tom F.: “If you believe the superdelegate system should be scrapped, then how is it that a voter in Mississippi means as much to you as a voter in your district? Or your state.”

Larry L.: “Congressman Huffman can call for scrapping the Superdelegate system right now by refusing to use it.”

Steven G.: “Congressman, your statement is a huge disappointment. Why won't you commit to voting for the candidate who wins the most votes in your district?”

Liam K.: “The position you've taken, Rep. Huffman, strikes me as another safe one. With Clinton so far in the lead with pledged delegates it seems carefully parsed to mollify your constituents incensed with the whole corrupt system and your participation in it on Clinton's side; while ensuring you will not have to actually vote for Sanders should people in your district give him a victory here.”

Shelly A.:“If you are serious about taking your direction from MoveOn, that's great: They endorsed Bernie Sanders. I trust you will also.”

Huffman will continue to face a lot of pressure from his constituents to cast his superdelegate vote in a way that reflects the majority vote of his constituents in the primary. It would be the democratic thing for him to do. We suggest that you let him know your opinion.


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