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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Let’s Support this Progressive Candidate for Marin County DA

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
October 9, 2018                                                


For the first time in 20 years, on November 6, we have the opportunity to elect a new District Attorney here in Marin County. It has been clear to many of us that the only progressive choice in this race is Anna Pletcher. She has promised to deliver justice with integrity:

• by standing up to ICE and rebuilding trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities in order to provide safer communities for all
• by holding toxic polluters accountable and securing justice for victims
• by providing rape kits in Marin and other ways to protect women and families

These are just a few of the progressive ideals that set Anna Pletcher apart in this highly important race.

Anna comes from a multicultural background, which will serve her well working with the tapestry of cultures here in Marin County. Her professional background is rich in its diversity:

• working after college in order to pay off her student loans while learning about banking and finance
• being a community leader (please check her website to see a very robust full list)
• serving as a professor and teacher
• being a federal prosecutor for ten years fighting white collar crime and serving those who had suffered from market manipulation, fraud, and money laundering
• managing attorneys and support staff

And, at the same time, being a full-time parent to her three children along with her husband Steve.

Anna will bring a new outlook to the Marin DA’s office that is sorely needed. She offers us all the opportunity to bring in a fresh viewpoint to make us a safer and more just community.

If visuals are important to you:

And now is the time to volunteer for Anna: and/or donate at


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