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Monday, June 12, 2017

NOW is the time for Single Payer Healthcare in California

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
June 12, 2017                                                           

Have you heard? We just took a big step forward towards single payer healthcare in California.

The California Senate recently passed SB 562, the Healthy California Act. Be sure to thank Senator Mike McGuire for co-authoring SB562 as well as for his strong support in the State Senate, and Senator Bill Dodd, for voting yes on the bill.

Thank you to everyone who put so much effort into getting the bill past this first step.

Step two is to get the bill passed by the California Assembly. We can all make a big difference now with one or two phone calls. EVERY phone call counts!

Call Assembly member Jim Wood, AD 2, Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, where the bill will be introduced very soon. Call his office at 916-319-2002 or 707-576-2526 and tell the staffer that you want SB 562 passed out of committee so that it can be passed on the Assembly floor. If you don’t live in Wood’s district, tell the staffer that the Assemblyman chairs a committee that oversees matters that are important to all California residents, and your comments must be recorded.

Residents of AD 10 should also call Assembly member Marc Levine, AD 10, at 916-319-2010 or 415-479-4920. Tell the staffer that California needs single payer healthcare now more than ever, and you hope Levine will provide leadership by coming out in favor of it immediately and pledging to vote yes when it comes to the Assembly floor.

If you’re unsure which Assembly district you live in, look here  or look up your voter registration information on your county Registrar of Voters website.

For additional talking points and resources, look at the Healthy California website .

One detailed point for Kaiser members (and lots of us are!): Contrary to what you may have heard, Kaiser will continue as a healthcare provider, just not as a healthcare insurer.

After you have made your phone calls, please leave a comment on the Coalition for Grassroots Progress Facebook page telling us how the conversations went – what you said and what information you received.

California is ready for Single Payer Healthcare. TOGETHER we can do this!!

Thank you for your activism and your support.
Alice Chan and Ruth Carter
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
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