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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Thanks to all who voted on Saturday!

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
January 29, 2019                                                        

Many people who received an email from us earlier this month responded by going to the Assembly Delegate caucus and voting — and that made all the difference!

Thanks to your efforts, the Progressive Slate won ten out of the fourteen seats available. Our candidate for representative to the Executive Board of the Democratic Party also won.

The following delegates from our slate were elected:

• Caroline Banuelos
• Lisa Bennett
• Carey Caccavo Wheaton
• Ruth Carter
• Alice Chan
• Debra Taube
• Perry Lloyd
• Ralph Miller (also won Executive Board)
• Norman Solomon
• Jim Wheaton

We are dedicated to pursuing these issues:

• Single Payer/expanded and improved Medicare for All: Healthcare as a human right
• Real climate change action, reversing global warming
• Protecting and restoring voting rights; restoring the Voting Rights Act
• Campaign finance reform, including the reversal of Citizens United
• Immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship
• Strong public education from preschool to college
• Affordable housing

Everyone who voted made a crucial difference. Thank you for voting for a progressive California Democratic Party!

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