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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We’re for Bernie!

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
July 22, 2015                                           

We are pleased to announce that the Coalition for Grassroots Progress has endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President!

Excitement is growing around the country, as Bernie keeps drawing much larger crowds than any other presidential candidate this year. Last Saturday night, 11,000 people turned out to hear him in Phoenix.

The year 2016 could be a true turning point in American democracy: Will the moneyed interests win again? Or, if we get money out of politics by putting the people in, will we the people win?

Getting to that turning point, our first milestone will be to help propel Bernie Sanders to a win in Democratic primaries and caucuses next year. You can do that by going to Bernie’s website and signing up to help.

Also, residents of northern California can help by joining a precinct organizing team in your own neighborhood. Look here  to see how to do that.

In related news, here’s an important petition from our friends at RootsAction and U.S. Labor Against the War. It’s outrageous that -- in contrast to the citizens of Greece who were able to cast their votes on austerity measures that will affect them personally -- we voters in the United States were not even given the right to know the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal before it was granted fast-track status, much less vote on it ourselves.

Bernie Sanders, responding to that Greek vote rejecting the bailout, had this to say: “I applaud the people of Greece for saying ‘no’ to more austerity for the poor, the children, the sick and the elderly. In a world of massive wealth and income inequality, Europe must support Greece's efforts to build an economy which creates more jobs and income, not more unemployment and suffering.”

Please sign this petition to tell members of Congress that  the American people should have at least as much democracy as the Greek people in deciding our fate.

The Coalition for Grassroots Progress is not waiting until weeks before next year’s elections to be active; we are walking our neighborhoods now. We are an independent community-based political action committee for progressive change.

Our work is only possible with your financial support. The best way you can help is to become a recurring, monthly donor. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way; please consider a donation of any amount to CGP today.

Thank you for your activism and your support!

-- The team at Coalition for Grassroots Progress



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