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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Progress in Our Precincts

We provide the tools to help you increase the progressive vote in your precinct. Together, we can make Progress in Our Precincts!


Yes! I support CGP and Progress in Our Precincts and I want to:


Yes! I support CGP and Progress in Our Precincts.
Please contact me. I want to:
  • Join or start my precinct team
  • Host a house meeting
  • General support: (make phone calls, help with events, office work, other)


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*This program is currently available in the counties of MARIN and SONOMA in the California North Bay area and coming very soon to MENDOCINO County!*


Progress in our Precincts is a program initiated by the Coalition for Grassroots Progress to develop more personal contacts with voters in our districts and to better understand their issues and needs.

Local precincts are the essential component of our mission to build a local grassroots organization that can identify and turn out the vote for progressive candidates and core issues.

We provide the tools and information on how to organize and implement a successful precinct plan that will help us win local and county elections and maximize the vote for statewide elections as well.

The way the grassroots currently work on elections is inefficient and does not make it easy for voters to stay engaged in the process.

The electoral scene is cyclical. In the run up to an election, candidates or issues are selected and we go to work. We start a one time, short-term campaign, work hard for several months then the day after the election everything disappears.

We all say, "See you in two years" and abandon the impressive organizations we have constructed only to start over again the next election cycle.

Progress in our Precincts seeks to change this model and engage voters year round. Instead of sprinting to the polls every couple of years, we are building a living organization of informed volunteers, activists and voters. Using our resources on a continuing basis we organize to train activists, build relationships and facilitate long-term partnerships that can be in place for years to come.

Our approach is direct voter contact. The more personal the contact, the more impact the contact will have. Canvassing door-to-door is the most effective and personal method of reaching voters. It is time and volunteer intensive, however, so campaigns balance this with other outreach activities.

As a permanent project, Progress in Our Precincts does not have these time constraints. Canvassing is high impact because it is a two-way communication that allows us to gather information and develop relationships with the voters in our neighborhoods. A face to face conversation not only gets our message out, but also allows our neighbors to express their opinions and ask questions of us. This conversation makes the contact more memorable and builds the relationships that will help get out the vote during an election cycle.

Phone calls are another personal contact tool we use in our precinct work to follow-up with people or to reach people our canvass may have missed. Canvassing and phone banking have long traditions in election work and are the cornerstone of our precinct organizing.

Progress in Our Precincts is designed with busy activists in mind. It's easily manageable, sustainable and can involve a time commitment of several hours to a few afternoons two to three times a year. Using our precint team model, activists are able to map out a flexible and individual neighborhood plan based on their schedule and availability.

Coalition for Grassroots Progress can help you get started in organizing your neighborhood.  Let’s work together for a brighter future together.

*This program is currently available in the counties of MARIN and SONOMA in the California North Bay area and coming very soon to MENDOCINO County!*

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